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Flores Discovery Tour Sights

17island-tourimage17 Islands Riung Marine Park
Seventeen Islands Riung Marine Park is an archipelago that forms a unique, paradisiac sea garden consisting of uninhabited islets with sandy white beaches and crystal clear blue waters rich in biodiversity where you can dive in and swim among the colorful and varied coral beds.

aimere-tourimageAimere Village
Aimere, a small village by the Indian Ocean, has attracted the locals as well as foreigners for years since the Rote people, a small island near Timor Island, immigrated here and started the production of alcoholic beverage made from lontar palm juice or The Tree of Life. When visiting Aimere, you will be served either the fresh palm juice or the distillated juice “Sopi” of different degrees of alcohol.

bungkarno-tourimageBung Karno Museum
The Bung Karno Museum is the old house occupied by Soekarno during his years of exile in Ende. Most of the old furnishings are still there. The modest home gives some idea of the origins of Indonesia’s founding political father and if you walk through to the rear you’ll find a very deep artesian well built in the 1930s.

golo-tourimageGolo Curu
This hill is the best spot to enjoy a 360° panoramic view of the city of Ruteng, the sawah (wet-rice fields), and the surrounding hills. The top of Golo Curu (“Welcome Mountain”) can be reached easily on foot. The best time for a trip to the top is in the early morning, because in the afternoon the mountains are often obscured by clouds. See Golo Curu on Youtube

kelimutu-tourimageKelimutu Crater Lakes
Mt. Kelimutu National Park offers one of the most spectacular wonders that nature has to offer. There are three lakes on the mountain sharing the same name, Kelimutu, meaning “the boiling lake.” Each has its own colors and a local name, but all are believed to be the resting place of departed soul. See Kelimutu Crater Lakes on YouTube

ledalero-tourimageLedalero Museum
Ledalero Museum (Blikon Blewut Museum) offers a glimpse of Florenese cultural and natural history, prehistory, and unique and curious objects of art and daily life. The museum’s origins are strongly linked to the activities of missionaries in the early 20th century who were experts in the fields of history, linguistics, and anthropology, and explored the hidden treasures of Flores’ cultural past.

liangbuah-tourimageLiang Buah Cave
Liang Buah is the name of the karst limestone cave from which Flores Man (aka the Hobbit) was found. Within its deposits have been found the archeological remains of both modern humans and the hominin thousands of years old. See Liang Buah Cave on YouTube

mbolata-tourimageMbolata Beach
Located one hour to the west from Bajawa close to the village of Aimere, the beach is flanked by Mount Inerie and Mount Komba, and is known for its calm shore and soft sand that lure visitors like a charm.


mengeruda-tourimageMengeruda Hot Springs at Soa
Mengeruda Hot Springs at Soa is located in a beautiful area near Bajawa offering a clean natural water pond and hot waterfall to massage your body. See Mengeruda Hot Springs on YouTube

ontoloe-tourimageOntoloe Island
Ontoloe Island is the largest island in 17 Islands Riung Marine Park, and has a green ring of mangrove forest. The middle of the forest ring is home to giant bats called flying foxes which live in large colonies. Quiet by day, at dusk they become more active when thousands of bats take flight. Monkeys hang from the mangrove branches eating fruit, soaring eagles build their nests atop the tallest trees. See Ontoloe Island

paga-tourimagePaga Beach
Paga is a small town on the south coast of Flores. It’s about halfway between Moni and Maumere on the main road, so it makes a good place to stop for lunch if you’re traveling between the two. There are no hotels or other tourist facilities in Paga, so you have the beach to yourself, other than a few local boys or fishermen. See Paga Beach on YouTube

penggajawa-tourimagePenggajawa Beach
Penggajawa Beach is a unique beautiful white sand beach covered by bluish green stones. It is said that these stones originated from the seafloor swept by waves and stranded on the shores of this beach. Local people mostly work as rock miners sorting the stones by shape, color, and size to be sold to collectors who come from the city.

rana-tourimageRana Mese Lake
Rana Mese Lake is a lake in the crater of a dormant volcano. The lake is visited by locals for picnicking and fishing, and it is also a good spot for bird watching.


sawah-tourimageSawah Lodok (Spider Web Rice Field)
In Manggarai in the western part of Flores spider web rice fields have existed for centuries down generations. These mystifying spider web rice fields can be clearly seen at Cancar from atop a hill some 12 km from Ruteng, capital of the district of Manggarai. The circle that spreads from the center outward is very central to the beliefs of the local people. See Sawah Lodok on YouTube

tengkulese-tourimageTengkulese Waterfall
The river Wae Lega drops a total of 150 meters (492 ft.) in two major falls, making Tengkulese Falls the largest waterfall in Flores. This little known natural wonder of Manggarai is worth a visit for walks, a great swim, and fantastic views.

wuring-tourimageWuring Fishing Village
Wuring is home to Bugis and Bajo people who live in traditionally constructed stilt houses and carry on their tradition as steadfast fishermen. Some of the villagers build boats, and women from nearby inland villages often come to Wuring to sell their agricultural produce for local fresh fish. The Wuring people are friendly and open to visitors. The local children are especially fond of guests and are happy to accompany you in high numbers on your stroll through their village.