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batu-tourimageBatu Cermin Cave
Batu Cermin (meaning: mirror rock) is a natural cave that has crystal like walls that reflect light when hit by a light. Fossils of coral reefs, fish, and turtles on this cave’s walls give us a hint that this place was beneath sea level millions of years ago. In some points the stalactites and stalagmites meet the roots of the trees hanging down, and sunlight penetrates through the cracks of the cave ceiling. See Batu Cermin Cave

whipfighting-tourimageCaci Whip Fighting
Caci, a ritual whip fight, is a major element of Manggarai cultural identity. Caci is played out by two male adversaries, with one of them usually coming from another village to compete. Spectators support their favorite party by cheerfully shouting out their encouragement, making it a very lively event and an enjoyable experience. See Caci Whip Fighting on YouTube

cunca-tourimageCunca Rami Waterfall
Cunca Rami Waterfall has many pretty pools that offer a refreshing, natural swimming experience. To get to the waterfall is a scenic walk that takes about a 1½ hours in an area which seems to be relatively untouched by modern civilization. The trail leads you across various villages and into open farmlands with water buffaloes, pigs, and goats grazing freely in the fields. See Cunca Rami Waterfall on Youtube

cunca-wulang-tourimageCunca Wulang Canyon
Cunca Wulang Canyon, located 30km (18 mi) east of Labuan Bajo and nestled in a tropical rainforest setting, is one of Flores’ most striking spots for outdoor activities. Impressive waterfalls cascade into beautiful, fresh-water pools and lead into a series of smaller waterfalls and rivers a few kilometers downstream. A beautiful and scenic experience. See Cunca Wulang on Youtube

gili-lawa-islandGili Lawa (Gili Laba) Island
Gili Lawa is one hour away from Komodo Island and is a popular place for trekking, breathtaking views, and watching the sunset. Sunset trekking is one of the favorite experiences for many visitors. Snorkeling is also a favorite activity here.
To see the breathtaking sunsets and natural beauty of Gili Lawa by Drone, click here.

golo-tourimageGolo Curu
This hill is the best spot to enjoy a 360° panoramic view of the city of Ruteng, the sawah (wet-rice fields), and the surrounding hills. The top of Golo Curu (“Welcome Mountain”) can be reached easily on foot. The best time for a trip to the top is in the early morning, because in the afternoon the mountains are often obscured by clouds. See Golo Curu on YouTube

kelimutu-tourimageKelimutu Crater Lakes
Mt. Kelimutu National Park offers one of the most spectacular wonders that nature has to offer. There are three lakes on the mountain sharing the same name, Kelimutu, meaning “the boiling lake.” Each has its own colors and a local name, but all are believed to be the resting place of departed souls.
See Kelimutu Crater Lakesu on YouTube

komodoisland-tourimageKomodo Island
Komodo Island is particularly notable as the habitat of the Komodo dragon, the largest lizard on Earth, which is named for the island. Dragons grow much larger on Komodo than they do on Rinca Island, where you can also observe Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. With a human population of over two thousand, Komodo Island is the most visited place in Flores.

komodovillage-tourimageKomodo Village
Komodo Village is the only village on the Komodo Island. In 1928 there were only 30 people living in Komodo Village, but now it has about 380 families consisting of about 1,350 inhabitants. Here the people co-exist with the Komodo dragons side by side.

See Komodo Village on YouTube

liangbuah-tourimageLiang Buah Cave
Liang Buah is the name of the karst limestone cave from which Flores Man (aka the Hobbit) was found. Within its deposits have been found the archeological remains of both modern humans and the hominin thousands of years old. At this point, this cave is the only site where the “hobbits” of Flores, Indonesia, have been found.
See Liang Buah Cave on YouTube

padar-islandPadar Island
Located between Komodo Island and Rinca Island, Padar Island is the third largest island part of Komodo National Park. The island is a great trekking destination, with breathtaking views of several beautiful pristine beaches in different colors.

For a stunning view of Padar Island by Drone, click here.

pakikaba-tourimagePaki Kaba Ceremony
In East Manggarai several rituals have withstood the test of time. One of them is the Paki Kaba ceremony. Accompanying this ritual is the Paki Raga, the sacred dancing ritual. Paki Kaba and Paki Raga are performed by a family, or several, to honor the ancestral spirits and to express respect to elders and parents, who have sacrificed time and resources to help their children become successful.

rinca-tourimageRinca Island
Rinca Island is a smaller island where the Komodo dragons can also be found, and is a good alternative to crowded Komodo Island. Being less known and less visited than Komodo, it is a good place to see the Komodo dragon in its natural environment year round with fewer people to disturb them.
See the dragons on Rinca Island

rutengpark-tourimageRuteng Recreation Park
Ruteng Recreation Park is a mountainous area with seven volcanic peaks, and covered by mixed evergreen and semi-deciduous hill forest and mountain cloud forests. The active volcano Gunung Ranaka is the second highest peak on Flores. The site’s main attraction is formed by its rich avifauna, or birds of the region.

sano_tourimageSano Nggoang Crater Lakes
Sano Nggoang Crater Lakes are said to be among the world’s deepest crater lakes. The lake and overall surrounding area are proposed to become a protected area due to the remaining forests and endemic bird species. Sano Nggoang offers a full range of nature tourism attractions and activities, from hiking to bird watching, swimming, or simply relaxing in a natural hot spring.

sawah-tourimageSawah Lodok (Spider Web Rice Fields)
In Manggarai in the western part of Flores spider web rice fields have existed for centuries down generations. These mystifying spider web rice fields can be clearly seen at Cancar from atop a hill some 12 km from Ruteng, capital of the district of Manggarai. The circle that spreads from the center outward is very central to the beliefs of the local people. See the Sawah Lodok Spider Web Rice Fields

snake-tourimageSnake Palace Cave
The snake palace, “Istana Ular,” provides a unique opportunity to see a large population of large pythons and bats in their natural habitat. Pythons of up to 4 to 5 meters in length are often encountered in the cave. Learn of the unique mythical relationship the people of the area share with the cave and its wild inhabitants. There is a 40-minute hike to the cave.

tengkulese-tourimageTengkulese Waterfalle
The river Wae Lega drops a total of 150 meters (492 ft.) in two major falls, making Tengkulese Falls the largest waterfall in Flores. This little known natural wonder of Manggarai is worth a visit for walks, a great swim, and fantastic views.